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The following images document my multi-channel video installation exhibited at the 20th Annual Diamond Screen Film Festival in Philadelphia.

The installation, entitled Works (2018), earned the Award for Graduate Media Arts at Temple University. Event photography by David Romberg.

Works (2018) by Max Angelo Groff @ the Chapel of the Four Chaplains
Multi-channel video (HD/SD/LCD/CRT), fluorescent-backlit Duratrans prints, lasercuts

Audrey (2018) by Max Angelo Groff
Glass prisms placed on 4" Sony CRT monitors

Detail of Audrey (2018): prismatic display of Audrey Hepburn as a 3D displacement map

Professor Jeff Rush (Temple University) inspecting the wares

As a crowd gathers in my space, all are free to wander and direct their own gaze

Spirogroff (2018) by Max Angelo Groff
Lasercut 3D kinetic sculpture placed on Magnavox turntable

No Smoking (2016) by Max Angelo Groff
Fluorescent-backlit Duratrans print

Standard-definition CRT monitors are a key component of my process

Multi-channel video (HD/SD/LCD/CRT), projection mapping, fluorescent backlit Duratrans prints, lasercuts

Max joking around with Barbara Hammer and Joshua Madoff

Portrait of Max Groff by David Romberg

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